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A Peak Behind the Homeschooling Curtain

Over the years, people asked me what homeschooling was really like as if we were escaping from North Korea and they wanted the insider’s secrets of what we did beyond the demilitarized zone. But I get it. They were curious. We were educational deviants, and they wanted to understand what we did and if we ever left the house. In my article… Read more »

A Mother’s Day Round-Up to Celebrate Moms

Happy Mother's Day

Although I’m still waiting for Mother’s Week to become official, I’ll settle for Mother’s Day. To shine the light on the hardest job on the planet (a.k.a. being a mom), I wanted to share some funny reads (and a few heartwarming ones, too) about moms and motherhood. If you missed my own post last week called 5 Mother’s Day Gifts Every… Read more »

5 Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mom Wants

mother's day gifts every mom wants

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, kids and husbands everywhere are scrambling (often last-minute) to find just the right gift for Mom, trying to show their love and appreciation for the best woman on earth. I laugh when I see those Pandora or Kay Jewelers commercials peddling gold charms and diamonds for Mother’s Day. Beautiful? Yes. Coveted? Not so… Read more »

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Recyling Bin

My favorite Muppet, Kermit, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” Like any good mom, I try to lead my family down the “do the right thing” path as we go about our little suburban lives. This includes adopting environmentally friendly habits. With Earth Day upon us this week (April 22), I’ve been trying to instill a leave-no-trace mentality… Read more »

5 Apps That Would Make Parenting Teens Easier

parenting apps for teens

You know what’s hard about parenting teens? Everything. From bad attitudes to self-absorbed behavior, teens push parents to the limit on a regular basis.  Throw in struggles with motivation, grades, part-time jobs, chores, and time management, and family conflict just bubbles to the surface like hot lava. Did I mention bad attitudes? Someone needs to create a few smartphone apps… Read more »