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Eye Exam Anxiety: Why This High-Stakes Test Feels Like a Midlife SAT

eye exam chart

When I took the SAT back in the 1980s, I prepped for weeks, felt like a bundle of nerves on test day and sweated the results afterward, knowing these scores would determine my future. Thanks to the SAT, all my intellectual insecurities bubbled to the surface. Would I get in my first-choice college? Would I win any scholarships? Would I be… Read more »

Do I Look Fat In This Fitbit?

fitness tracker

My well-intentioned husband bought me a Fitbit, but I’m practically hanging my head in ungrateful shame as I return it. To get the most out of my Fitbit, I need to wear it all the time, shackling me like an I’m-on-house-arrest ankle bracelet. What does this say about me if I return a gift because I don’t like it? What kind of monster am I?