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Naturepedic’s Organic Mattress: Heaven In a Box

naturepedic eos organic mattress

Disclaimer: I don’t normally write product reviews, but, due to funny circumstances described below, I’m writing one today. The product? A complimentary Naturepedic mattress I received. And thus begins my true tale. Do good things come in a box? Ummm – past experiences suggest not.  I tried wine in a box—not too good.  I tried a memory foam bed topper… Read more »

Do You Remember the Memory Foam Incident?

cat sinking in memory foam

About a month after I launched Tweenior Moments in August 2015, I wrote a blog post called The Memory Foam Incident. To date, it’s been my favorite post (and my most popular one). I got it republished on Scary Mommy and it went mini-viral, with almost 4,000 shares on Facebook. (This was also my first exposure to mean Internet trolls… Read more »

BOOM. I’ve Got a Full-Blown Case of Middle Age

full-blown case of middle age

From hair loss to heel spurs, middle age can slowly ravage your body from head to toe. It all starts innocently enough, with a suspicious mole here and a high-cholesterol count there, here a pound, there a pound, everywhere a pound, pound. At first, I barely even noticed the small, sporadic changes that began to crop up – the stray… Read more »

The Memory Foam Incident


A few months ago, my husband and I kept waking up with achy backs and sore hips. It wasn’t us being middle aged, of course. It was our senior citizen mattress – about 10 years old at that point. Since we were struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, we decided to invest in a memory foam topper to extend the life of the mattress a bit longer. Fools. Here’s how it all went down:

Chasing Sleep Is Like the O.J. Simpson Manhunt

alarm clock

Back in my teens, I’d sleep until noon, clocking in a solid 11 or 12 hours of beautifully uninterrupted Zzzzz’s. And this was no small feat living on a busy street where 18-wheelers rumbled past my house convoy-style. But back then, I slept like a cat by a sunny window, only awakening after a half-day to eat. Fast-forward to sleep… Read more »