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Why Writers Are Like Teenage Girls

being a writer is like being a teen girl

Being a writer is kind of like being a teenage girl. One minute, you’re facing soul-crushing rejection; the next minute, you’re elated over a “he-likes-me” moment. Throw in a dash of overanalyzing other people’s words or behavior, and it’s an emotional roller coaster for sure. Only instead of dealing with teen angst and boyfriend troubles, writers face a special brand… Read more »

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5 Things I Don’t Miss About Corporate Life

Corporate Life

  When I ditched my corporate life to be a freelance writer (and then a stay-at-home mom/homeschooler), I expected some trade-offs. Looking back, the pros outweighed the cons by far. While I do miss the steady paycheck (admittedly, that’s a big one), I don’t miss much else from my days as a corporate worker bee. 5 Things I Don’t Miss… Read more »