Wine glass by pool

Thanks for stopping by to check out Tweenior Moments, a humor blog designed to make you smile, commiserate and join me in an occasional “hell, yeah!” rant about family, friends and middle age (a.k.a. that stretch of time after you stopped getting carded at a bar but before you start getting carded for an AARP discount).

My philosophy? I’m middle-aging like a fine wine:
down-to-earthy & complex, medium-bodied, with a hint of sarcasm and a smooth-but-wrinkled finish. Pour yourself a glass of wine, stay a while and travel with me on my midlife journey. Cheers!

The Backstory

Why did I launch a humor blog to reboot my career in midlife? Read the backstory on TheReset.com.


Freelance Writer for Hire

Let my words put heart and humor into your content.

As a freelance writer, I LOVE playing with words, creating clever content, storytelling, and taking the “corporate speak” out of bore-me-to-tears copy. Whether you need a conversational style, a professional business tone, or a witty slant, I can help pull your audience in with a carefully crafted message. And that’s no joke.

With 25+ years’ experience, I’m a journalist, content marketing writer, and copywriter. I currently focus on health/wellness, food/nutrition, family/pets, and lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve also written about business/marketing, real estate, associations, non-profits, education, and travel/tourism. Put my breadth of experience to work for you.

Want to learn more about me and my freelance writing? Hop over to my About page to see where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how you could put my skills and experience to work for you. Don’t skip the Services page—this will give you an overview of the kinds of projects I take on.

Ready to get started? Check out my blog post on How to Find a Professional Freelance Writer filled with helpful tips on what to look for—and when to start looking.  If you’d like to discuss a project or get an estimate, shoot me an email at Lisa@LisaBeachWrites.com with a brief project description and your phone number so I can contact you for more details.