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5 Apps That Would Make Parenting Teens Easier

parenting apps for teens

You know what’s hard about parenting teens? Everything. From bad attitudes to self-absorbed behavior, teens push parents to the limit on a regular basis.  Throw in struggles with motivation, grades, part-time jobs, chores, and time management, and family conflict just bubbles to the surface like hot lava. Did I mention bad attitudes? Someone needs to create a few smartphone apps… Read more »

How Kids Boost Your Self-Esteem (and other parenting lies)

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Surviving the 7-Day Mania of Meal Planning

Has Our Christmas Tradition Jumped the Shark?

Advent Calendar of Stress

Ever get to that point with a family tradition where you question whether it’s past its prime? I mean, it might have been fun and memorable for years, but now, for whatever reason, it’s just . . . not? I’m there this Christmas. No, it’s not Elf on the Shelf. That exploded onto the scene long after my boys would… Read more »