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Do I Look Fat In This Fitbit?

fitness tracker

My well-intentioned husband bought me a Fitbit, but I’m practically hanging my head in ungrateful shame as I return it. To get the most out of my Fitbit, I need to wear it all the time, shackling me like an I’m-on-house-arrest ankle bracelet. What does this say about me if I return a gift because I don’t like it? What kind of monster am I?

BOOM. I’ve Got a Full-Blown Case of Middle Age

full-blown case of middle age

From hair loss to heel spurs, middle age can slowly ravage your body from head to toe. It all starts innocently enough, with a suspicious mole here and a high-cholesterol count there, here a pound, there a pound, everywhere a pound, pound. At first, I barely even noticed the small, sporadic changes that began to crop up – the stray… Read more »