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How Did We Survive Growing Up in the ‘60s and ‘70s?

Eye Exam Anxiety: Why This High-Stakes Test Feels Like a Midlife SAT

eye exam chart

When I took the SAT back in the 1980s, I prepped for weeks, felt like a bundle of nerves on test day and sweated the results afterward, knowing these scores would determine my future. Thanks to the SAT, all my intellectual insecurities bubbled to the surface. Would I get in my first-choice college? Would I win any scholarships? Would I be… Read more »

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Recyling Bin

My favorite Muppet, Kermit, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” Like any good mom, I try to lead my family down the “do the right thing” path as we go about our little suburban lives. This includes adopting environmentally friendly habits. With Earth Day upon us this week (April 22), I’ve been trying to instill a leave-no-trace mentality… Read more »

A Midlife Pop Quiz You’re Guaranteed to Pass

midlife pop quiz

I feel like Andy Rooney* when I say this, but did you ever notice that you can’t remember where you put your car keys or what you ate for breakfast this morning, but you can remember every word to a song from 1978? Get ready for a midlife pop quiz that will make you feel confident that your gray matter… Read more »

How The Blacklist Brought Me Back to the Dark Side