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The Harry-Potter-Like Powers of Parents, Part 2 (Dad’s Magic)


I didn’t notice my husband’s magical powers right away. It began on a typical Saturday morning, with Kevin downstairs watching a soccer game he’d recorded the night before. In the next room – and this is key – the boys eat breakfast while discussing their “who-gets-to-play-videogames-first” strategy. Having just showered, I’m upstairs getting ready to blow-dry my hair. The moment… Read more »

The Harry-Potter-Like Powers of Parents, Part 1 (Mom’s Magic)

magic hat

So I’m out shopping the other day and…wait, back up. Have I really reached the point in life where shopping (which used to mean “fun, leisurely jaunts to my favorite clothing and book stores”) now means a quick run to pick up toilet paper, cat litter and drain cleaner? Anyway, I’m out “shopping” and my cell phone rings. “Mom, what’s… Read more »