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A Midlife Pop Quiz You’re Guaranteed to Pass

midlife pop quiz

I feel like Andy Rooney* when I say this, but did you ever notice that you can’t remember where you put your car keys or what you ate for breakfast this morning, but you can remember every word to a song from 1978? Get ready for a midlife pop quiz that will make you feel confident that your gray matter… Read more »

Top 6 Memory Problems Plaguing Middle-Aged Me

Top 6 Memory Problems

We’ve got a running joke in our family about my sporadic memory that begins with me uttering the phrase “I think I’ll try the Pad Thai.” Here’s the quick backstory: We go to Pei Wei for dinner every few months. It’s got great Asian food, freshly made, and reasonably priced. The menu doesn’t change much, and there aren’t an overwhelming… Read more »