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How The Blacklist Brought Me Back to the Dark Side

How Kids Boost Your Self-Esteem (and other parenting lies)

How to Survive 25 (or more) Years of Marriage

Surviving 25 Years of Marriage

My husband Kevin and I will be celebrating our 28th anniversary this year. No small feat, for sure. What’s our secret to a thriving midlife marriage, besides not killing each other in our sleep? Being married for a quarter century or more takes a lot of work, but I’ve boiled it down to a few key “staying strategies.”

Rolling Into Family Dinner on the Crazy Train

Family Traditions: We’ll Take the High Road and the Low Road

loch lomond italian ice

Traditions weave families together, bonding them with counted-on rituals and shared memories. They can also make some of the best stories. Case in point….   Whenever my older son, Trevor, performed in one of his high school band concerts, our whole family would head over to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice afterwards for a treat. This popular, local place regularly pulls in… Read more »